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Sometimes we need light, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we need bright light, sometimes we need dimmed light. Sometimes we need light for a long time, sometimes we need light for a short time. Some of us like night switch-off, others prefer continuous illumination. The requirements to be met by light are as wide and varied as the people who use it. Whatever you want, it’s always just a question of the setting with theLeda P. After all, this LED spotlight adjusts to you.

The ideal light for every situation.

Every time.

Icon motion function

Motion function

theLeda P with motion detector registers every movement in the entrance area and switches the light on automatically – regardless of whether it’s during the day, at night or at twilight.

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Icon orientation light

Orientation light

The defined brightness of theLeda P is purely a matter of a setting. Whether you set the light to 30 % for pleasant dimming, have the light on permanently or just switch it on at night is entirely up to you.

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Icon night switch-off

Night switch-off

Whether you use the motion function, the twilight switch or the orientation light, there are times when you don’t need any light at all: theLeda P learns when light is not required itself – and then the light simply stays off.

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Icon dimming function

Dimming function

theLeda P comes on when dusk starts to fall and stays on through the night at the defined brightness setting, which might be 100 % or even just 30 % – that’s for the user to decide.

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